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Lidding Instructions Link and Helpful Tips:

Lids are shipped with a copy of these instructions. If you need an extra copy please print one out using the PDF link below.
Download product instructions via a PDF file link:                    Liddinginstructions2.PDF

Helpful Tips Area:

In this area of the website I will address helpful hints and suggestions as they come up. Please feel free to send in any questions you might have as you contemplate trying this product by using the "contact us" page. Also feel free to pass on any suggestions you might have about the process of preparing, cleaning and storing the refilled k cups. I have had very positive feedback from customers. I urge to give this a try as it is very easy to do and works so well.
Lid Removal Tip: The question I get most often refers to the difficulty of getting the original manufacturer's lid off the k-cup.
Lids come off easiest while they are still warm from brewing. Add this hint to the earlier technique I described about punching your thumb through the center of the used k-cup and then pinch the lid off in a circular fashion. Pay most attention to keeping the lid in one piece and gently peeling the lid from the cup rim. Remove any stubborn bits with your nail but be careful not to damage the plastic rim surface. If a rim appears to be damaged then throw this cup out and move on to the next one. 
Important! Not all cups are manufactured Kcups are created equal. The task of getting the original lid off of the used Kcup is certainly the hardest part of the reuse process. Its obvious that certain brands of cups are far easier and my early results are listed below from easiest to most difficult. I realize that this may preclude having to purchase a box of your "not-so-favorite" coffee but once cleaned you will resue this cup many times. Please continue to provide your feedback on which brands work best. There are some brands which will not release the original foil and will not work for our purpose.
Kcup lid removal gauge by brand: (please keep sending your opinions)
1. Folgers Gourmet - Definitely the winner so far. "Peels off so smooth and easy"
              (TBD on 2 and 3)
4. Caribou Blend - These peeled off w/ minor difficulty
5. Newmans Own Extra Bold - (my benchmark cup) "A fair amount of difficulty, not easy"
              (TBD on 6 and 7)
8. Wolfgang Puck - "These are slightly more difficult and border on very difficult"
9. Tully's Kona blend - (black cups) Impossible to remove "Welded on almost"  
 Storage Tip: There are several ways to keep your refilled k cups fresh. Here is one idea I found useful.  
You can use an old 2 lb size can of store coffe like Folgers or Yuban to store 21 refilled cups freshly. Remember your refilled k cups have been resealed with a new lid but the small single hole at the bottom of the cup will allow a small amount of air to enter the cup. Depending on how many k-cups you refill at a time you should take this into consideration. The same precautions apply to the coffee you purchase in keep fresh bags from the store. Once opened these bags should also be sealed tightly to keep the coffee fresh.   
Do you like to display your k-cups on a carousel or some type of custom rack made specifically for k-cups? Well, since you will alway need some new k-cups, after reusing the last ones 10 times, you can still display these proudly on your counter top. Your readied stock of Kbrewlids refilled cups which you actually use everyday can be stored elsewhere. Although I am proud of the Phoenix bird logo and design, it would not hurt my feelings if you are not similarly fond of it.
Lid Resealing Tip:  This one is easy. Get a small lightweight iron similar to this one made by Steamfast.
I am not affiliated with the promotion of this product in any official capacity but it does seem it was designed with the task of sealing these Kbrew lids to k-cups. This item says it is the world's smallest steam iron and I suppose that is true. What I do know is it makes sealing k-cups much more efficient and it isn't bad at spot ironing clothing either. This is now my "goto" small iron around the house. Best part is it costs less than $20 online if you price compare. The actual model is Steamfast SF-717 and it is a good piece of equipment. The iron does not appear to be damaged by this process and I still use it on clothing.
Preheat the iron to just shy of the cotton setting and place your Kbrew lids on clean dry k-cups which have been refilled with medium grind coffee of your choice. Apply a little even pressure and about 4 seconds of heat and move on to the next cup. The round handle on this iron and its small size make sealing a safer operation. Remember to keep hands, children, pets and flammables away from the hot iron. It might take a couple of lids to get the technique down right but quickly you will discover how easy and worthwhile it is to reuse your k-cups.
                                                More to be added later.....