Once is not enough for your k-cups 
Reseal your k-cups like new!
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Refilling and reusing your k-cups demonstration videos.

K-cup filling Demo clip:

Just a quick sample of how a few cups are filled by pouring from a premium bag of coffee. I recommend to make better use of the process by filling more cups than the sample. The key to this step is to clean the excess grounds off of the cup rim before placing the Kbrewlid for subsequent sealing.

K-cup lid sealing Demo clip:

Be safe and handle your iron as safely as when you iron clothes. If you are not comfortable using a hot iron then do not attempt to complete this process. KEEP HANDS, CHILDREN, AND PETS away from the hot iron. I highly recommend a light travel iron like this SteamFAst brand which makes the technique safer and easier. It cost less than $20 online and well worth it.  As stated in the instructions, the key to this process is your iron heated to about 210 deg Celcius or approximately the cotton setting.

Original Lid Removal Demo Clip:

Remember the original lid that came with your store purchased kcup is the only lid that requires a little technique to remove. (The replacement lids will peel off in one easy motion.) Just place one finger through the center hole of the aluminum lid punched by your brewing machine. Then pinch the lid and rotate it off using a circular motion. Try to get the lid to leave little or no aluminum residue on the k-cup rim.

Placing refilled k-cup into your coffee maker demonstration video.

Machine Placement Demo Clip:

Machine placement is very easy. Just drop the cup into the brewer receptical and give a twist allowing the machine spindle to drop into the pre-existing hole from the first brewing of the cup.